From sea ice melting and heatwaves to air full of harmful emissions and oceans full of plastic; one thing is clear – we need to start taking better care of our planet. And soon. However, how can your company, which doesn’t operate with the environmental industry do your part to help the world?

Reduce plastic waste in the office today in 3 steps:

1) #TupperwareTuesday

To the surprise of many, Supermarkets are a huge contributor to the stacks of plastic waste we get through. If the company culture encourages its employees to bring in their homemade food, it would potentially cut down the amount of packaging which ends up in your workplace bins. To make it more fun and engaging, we suggest you offer everyone a free Tupperware alternative and then set a set day for people to bring in their Tupperware and call it #TupperwareTuesday & #TopperwareThursday.

2) Reduce bins

Depending on your cleaning rota, you may wish to reduce the number of bins in your office. We have in many cases seen bin bags with just a few items in the bottom being removed and replaced every day, which is a huge waste of bin liners! Fewer bins mean fuller bins. You may also want to talk to your cleaning company about making some changes, in order to avoid having any strong smell dominating the aroma in the office.

3) No more plastic cups and bottles

Get rid of plastic cups by water coolers and taps. Instead, provide environmentally friendly cups. Or, to make sure your staff is hydrated, encourage everyone to bring or provide them with a plastic water bottle.

One more thing…

We work in sync with companies across London to create environments you love to work in and that will improve your staff’s morale and productivity. From special environmental requests to bespoke tailored cleaning services, we help. Arrange a deep clean or develop a regular rota with our experienced office cleaning team.

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