What’s the first thing you notice when you go for a meeting before entering the office? – Often it is related to the impression someone gets by looking from the outside in, hence why today, we are talking about windows!

In business terms that means; your business’ windows are the first point of judgment from the client visiting. Well knowing that “you can’t judge a book by its cover,”… But if that cover is looking sloppy and not carried about, we’d argue that you’re much less likely to want to purchase the book and much more likely to judge it negatively. Do you see the parallel? That’s why keeping your business’ windows spotless is a worthwhile brand decision for any company.

These 4 tips will help you to keep your windows looking spotless for longer…

1) Don’t do this mistake

This is where many make a big mistake! When the sun is shining, the water used on your windows (both inside and outside) will dry before you have time to squeegee it away, which will lead to the liquid drying in streaks. Therefore, instead, choose a cool, preferably a cloudy day, to achieve a truly impeccable shine.

2) Add washing up liquid

In order to get a professional finish, especially from the inside, we recommend getting rid of the classic window cleaning spray and a cloth.

Instead, replace it with a combination of squeegee and warm soapy water will make all the difference. A piece of free advice from us would be to add a small element of washing up liquid to the mix as it helps to cut through any grease, caused by the environment or sticky fingers.

3) Keep dry

To the surprise of many, a simple sponge or cloth is not the best piece of kit for cleaning windows. To get a sparkling finish, we recommend using a squeegee to sluice away liquid smoothly and efficiently. A quick tip: Dry the squeegee blade between each new stroke for a streak-free ultimate result.

4) Don’t risk it, call in the professionals

To address the obvious, cleaning the exterior of multiple-floor windows is not recommended for non-professionals. Not only is working at height dangerous, but it’s also surprisingly complicated to get an efficient clean. For your safety and to attain the best results, make sure that you call in the professionals.

Remember, we offer both external and internal window cleaning services to both commercial and domestic clients across London.

We’ve been providing cleaning services in local and new areas for over a decade, making our team one of the longest-serving and most trusted. For window cleaning services, commercial cleaning services and much more, stay in touch with us.

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